Need help in using sed/awk for line insertion in xml

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Old 07-13-2011
Need help in using sed/awk for line insertion in xml


I have two text files (txt1 and txt2). txt1 contains many lines with a single number in each line. txt2 (xml format) contains information about the numbers given in txt1. I need to insert one line in txt2 within the scope of each number taken from txt1.

Sample problem:

<id = "ab">
<"add text here!!!">
<num = "12">
<id = "bc">
<"add text here!!!">
<num = "78">
<id = "cd">
<"dont add since 90 is not in the txt1">
<num = "90">
hope i have not confused much..

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so within the scope of each number place the text above the line </holder> for all the numbers present in txt1.

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I have been able to insert the line above all the </holder> in the file... But I am stuck when I am matching the numbers from txt1 and inserting into txt2 into a specific location.....

here's the code I used to insert above all lines having </holder>

sed '/</\Holder>/i\<TEXT INSERTED>' filename
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Old 07-13-2011
Try this:
awk '
  /<num = /{gsub(/[0-9]+/,c[cnt2++],$0)}1' nums.txt file.xml

Note that it won't work correctly if you have multiple '<num =' tags in your xml file. It also requires that the num tag already contains some number. E.g. it won't fill anything into '<num = "">' tag.
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