More time to retrieve data from DB

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More time to retrieve data from DB

Hi All,

It takes around one hour to retrieve 3 lakhs data from DB. I feel this can be still more reduced, please help me in improvising the below code, to get it retrieve faster, atleast 30 to 45 minutes.

sqlplus -s ${OCAU_DB_UNAME}/${OCAU_DB_UPSWD}@${OCAU_DB_NAME} > /apps/data/filedata.txt 2> /apps/log/FileErrorlog.txt << EOF

set head off 
SET pagesize 0
SET LONG 320000000
whenever OSERROR EXIT 9

I guess LONGCHUNKSIZE and LONG makes the trick? Please suggest solution for this
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dont you have any index created for the FILESTATUS & FILETYPE ?
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Sorry i forget to mention, FILEDATA column is the CLOB data. So 3 lakh records which i said before number of lines in this CLOB data not the number of rows in DB (it is just 9 rows). But still indexing may give betterment?

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Any suggestions friends. Need to solve fast.
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Not much knowledge on LOB datatypes. If possible drop the order by clause and try it, would save some time.
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I have dropped order by but no improvement.. any other suggestion?
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