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How to pass tablenames from a file to shell script to execute create statement in DB2

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to pass tablenames from a file to shell script to execute create statement in DB2
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Old 07-11-2011
How to pass tablenames from a file to shell script to execute create statement in DB2


I am new to Shell Scripting, and I need to create nicknames for 600 tables in db2. I have the file names in a text file and i have to pass these table names to a shell script create nicknames in db2. Can some one please help me in this regard.
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Old 07-12-2011
Easier to give script solution if you give:
-example from file format
-how to do nickname sqlcmd
-db2 interpreter cmd syntax

I have not used db2 = don't know db2 interpreter syntax, but here is basic model to do it.

If file format is:
table1 nickname1
table2 nickname2

Run cmd format:
./nick2db2  somefile.txt

Then something like (nick2db2):
# or bash or dash or
> donick.sql
while read  table nickname xstr
       echo "SOMEDB2CMD '$table' '$nickname'  ;" >> donick.sql
done < "$nicknames"
echo "
-- commit or ...
" >> donick.sql

echo "Use db2 sql interpreter to run this donick.sql sqlfile"

After created nick2db2, give execute priviledges
chmod a+rx nick2db2

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