Slow down output from dhclient-script to screen

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Old 07-10-2011
Slow down output from dhclient-script to screen

I know the basic about script and sleep processes.
However this is more tricky:
I would like to run

sh -x /sbin/dhclient-script and slow down the output of the script as a whole.
How would you do it?
I would like to delay output on the screen with 1 second for every line for the output from the running script. That would be helpful for debugging
Thanks in advance Smilie
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Old 07-10-2011
watch -n 5 -d

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Old 07-10-2011
YOUR_COMMAND |while read line; do echo $line; sleep 1; done

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Old 07-14-2011
Unfortunately it doesn't work on this script
Maybe it's too big a script.
I guess I have to find another way of debugging it
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