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Old 07-08-2011
Help in developing an awk code

set -x

#To calculate debit and credit 
DEBIT=`awk -F, '{value=$28 ;if(value<0) {debit+=value}} END {print debit}' $FILENAME`
CREDIT=`awk -F, '{value=$28 ;if(value>0) {credit+=value}} END {print credit}' $FILENAME`
#This part is not working since the debit value is negative ( am trying to figure out a for this too :()
#if [[ "$DEBIT" -ne "$CREDIT" ]]; then
#echo "Debit and Credit does not match"
#exit 9
#To Move the leading negative side and to make it trailing negative sign
nawk 'BEGIN {FS=","} { if(index($28,"-") > 0){print substr($28,2,length($0))"-"} else {print $28}}' $FILENAME >> NEW_FILE 

#MM=`date +%m`
#YY=`date +%Y`
#To read file and create new file with hardcodings and column reformatting 
also reading only file starting with 3 
cat $FILENAME |grep ^3 | while read line
echo "$line" | nawk ' BEGIN {FS=","} {print("5","date"$1,$13,"$14",$2,$5)}' >> New_file
exit 0

The above code is just bits and pieces

Let me state the requirement
1. I have input file with comma separated values
2. The input file contains leading negative values which I should make it as trailing
3. The first column I will have to hard code with 5 and second column should be system date (YY and MM) then around 10 columns which I can directly pick from input file and just reorder the positions and at last hard code X

I am attaching both inputs as well as out put file. Please help me to solve this...
Thank you

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Old 07-08-2011
The output you provide doesn't correspond to the input you provided (or if it does, i don't get the way it is built from it ...)
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Old 07-08-2011

Yes the output file is very diff from input basically a lot of reformatting has to be done ...
like first column in the out put will have hard coding then second column will have sysdate and other columns are a rearraggement of the order of columns from input file .Also there is a column in input file with amount having negtavive sign(-567.00) i would want this also to be changed and printed as (567.00-) and (78.98+) (in case of positive files)
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