C Shell path variable causing very slow shell!?HELP

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Old 07-07-2011
C Shell path variable causing very slow shell!?HELP

I am using C Shell MKS Toolkit and I ran into a huge problem when setting up some environment variables.Smilie

The csh script that I have as my login script runs fine but very very slow.
When I add a directory to my PATH it seems to slow down shell startup and even slow down the commands.
It is one path directory that is causing me all the problems. The path directory does indeed contain a lot of scipts and files, so I do understand its not going to be as fast, but it slows down the shell way too much. When running the scripts as commands from the directory, it takes around 5-10 seconds when it should be split second commands/scritps. For example, if I put the full path of where the script then its fast. If I rely on the path variables then it takes over 5 seconds! SmilieAnd to start my shell using the script at login takes around 30 seconds!

I hear that path hashing is something that can be the problem fom me since there is one path variable that contains hundreds of files and scripts. I think it would be better without path hashing.
The 'unhash' command does not seem to be doing anything. How can that be??? there is no change in time and hashstat still gives me some numbers at the end. anyone know how I can make sure I turn off path hashing and the use of the internal hashtable??
I don't see how there is no change when using 'unhash'

OK, so perhaps the startup of the shell can be slow, but why is running commands so slow also? I understand the path that contains the command script has a lot of directories, files and scipts but I hear that it should not slow down the shell that significantly.

Anyone run into this problem? or have any suggestions. Anything will be appreciated. Thank you!

Also..how come I always see in examples path variables in the form of something like /somefolder/somefolder but MKS seems to only recognize full paths like drive:/somefolder/somefolder/somefold???

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Sorry for double posting, but let me ask some simpler questions that will help me..

when I add a PATH variable, sar for example c:/somefolder, do all the directories in c:/somefolder also get referenced?

can anyone explain the 'unhash' command and how they implemented it. I used it in my script but didn't seem to disable the internal hash table lookup.
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