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Old 07-06-2011
Get number of elements in a list

Hi all I would like to know the number of elements in a list. $list=`ls xyz*` I want to get the number of files xyz* in the folder. Anybody please help!!!
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Old 07-06-2011
ls xyz* | wc -l

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Old 07-06-2011
echo "$list"| wc -l

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Old 07-06-2011
Originally Posted by Franklin52
echo $list| wc -l


the $list needs to be double quoted right ?

$ list=`ls *.mk`
$ echo $list | wc -l
$ echo "$list" | wc -l
$ ls *.mk
$ echo "$list"
$ echo $list

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Old 07-06-2011
Just to ensure that files are listed one per line
ls -1 xyz* | wc -l

Note that the ls command return a display that is ascii sorted by default

In some case, when you have numerous files, you may want to skip that sorting operation (in order to speed up processing) and diplay files as soon as they are encountered in the directory structure (use the -f option of ls)

ls -f | wc -l

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Old 07-06-2011
Originally Posted by itkamaraj

the $list needs to be double quoted right ?
Right, thanks.
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