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Old 06-30-2011
Wrench Script with awk and grep

Hi .. I am working on a shell script to do following task. I have Input file as follows. I have to find failed or Offline disk and run command # hic -ip getlogicalgrp |grep -B10 diskid against the disk ID which is 1 line above the disk state. I am using grep with -b10 is because Disk Group ID is usually within 10 lines and I don't know if there is better way to get the Disk Group ID. Then I run #hic -ip diskgrp 261 -devlist command to get the devices impacted by failed/offline disk. I would really appreciate if you have better way to accomplish this.

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 7
State:                   Online

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 8
State:                   Failed

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 9
State:                   Offline

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 10
State:                   Online

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 11
State:                   Online

vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 12

 # hic -ip  getlogicalgrp  |grep -B10 diskid|grep DiskGroup| tail -n1 |awk '{print $NF}'

where diskid = "vBus 2 Target 0 Disk 7"

DiskGroup ID:                              261
List of disks:                        vBus 3 Target 4  Disk 10
                                           vBus 3 Target 4  Disk 11
                                           vBus 3 Target 4  Disk 12
                                           vBus 3 Target 4  Disk 13
                                           vBus 3 Target 4  Disk 14
                                           vBus 4 Target 3  Disk 10
                                           vBus 4 Target 3  Disk 11
                                           vBus 4 Target 3  Disk 12
                                           vBus 4 Target 3  Disk 13
                                           vBus 2 Target 0  Disk 7

#hic -ip   diskgrp 261 -devlist

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Old 06-30-2011
how about doing it with ex...
ex -s +"/Failed/-1 | /Offline/-1 | q!" file

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Old 06-30-2011
# ex -s +"/Failed/-1 p | /Offline/-1 p | q!" disk_tmp
-bash: !": event not found

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Thanks shamrock for quick response. I tried your command but returns event not found.
# ex -s +"/Failed/-1 | /Offline/-1 | q!" disk_tmp
-bash: !": event not found
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Old 06-30-2011
Originally Posted by dynamax
# ex -s +"/Failed/-1 p | /Offline/-1 p | q!" disk_tmp
-bash: !": event not found

That's your shell bungling that up. It assumes exclamation marks in quotes to be history references. If you put it in a script file, which provides no history functionality, it'd run fine.

Here's how you can modify it to avoid provoking BASH:
ex -s +"/Failed/-1 p | /Offline/-1 p | q"! disk_tmp

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Old 06-30-2011
Hi corona in k shell your code works fine but does not exit I have to type quit to exit.

# ex -s +"/Equalizing/-1 | /Offline/-1 | q!" disk_tmp

Bus 7 Enclosure 0  Disk 8



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Old 06-30-2011
As you are on bash try this one...
awk '/Failed|Offline/{print l}{l=$0}' file

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Old 06-30-2011
Thanks Shamrock ! That helps.

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Is there any way I can capture the DiskGroup ID. i.e. if I grep for disk "vBus 2 Target 0 Disk 7" first occurrence of "DiskGroup ID" in the reverse order.
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