sh: gzip: not found ERROR

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Old 06-30-2011
sh: gzip: not found ERROR

I am creating a script to run the SysInfo tool under HPUX servers, this is my script!

# Date: February 29th 2011

#Definicion de variables

> HPUX_SysInfo.log

for host in `cat $PATH_TMP/servers/host_hp2_test`
        echo $DATE >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo sysinfo_segoldt_`date +%Y%m%d`.html >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo "*****************    RUNNING SysInfo in $host   *********************" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        ssh $host "SysInfo -H" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo "*****************    COMPRESSING FILE in $host   *********************" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        ssh $host "gzip /tmp/sysinfo_segoldt_`date +%Y%m%d`.html" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo "*****************    COPYING FILE TO harp   *********************" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        scp -p $host:/tmp/sysinfo_segoldt_`date +%Y%m%d`.html.gz $PATH_TMP/servers/HPUX/ >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo "*****************    REMOVING FILE from $host   *********************" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        ssh $host "rm -fr /tmp/sysinfo_segoldt*" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo "----------------------------    DONE    -----------------------------" >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log
        echo >> $PATH_TMP/HPUX_SysInfo.log

My problem arises when trying to gzip a file...on my .log file i get this error

sh: gzip: not found

Whenever I execute the commands directly on a server I don't have a problem running any of the commands. Can anyone help me on this.

SysInfo -H outputs this file /tmp/sysinfo_segoldt_20110630.html
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Old 06-30-2011

Probably not got directory /usr/contrib/bin in $PATH for your job. It's not in the default path. Just specify full path.
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Old 06-30-2011
this work out great!
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