Issue regarding dos2unix perl script

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Old 06-30-2011
Issue regarding dos2unix perl script

Hi All,

I have pearl script which will check and convert the file:
  if ( $#{$dos2unix_cmds} == 0 ) {
    my $convert_cmd =  $$dos2unix_cmds[0][0];
    my $rename_cmd  =  $$dos2unix_cmds[0][1];
    --conversion going here
     INFO ("No need to convert... skipping this step.")

Now, here the value of $dos2unix_cmds is
dos2unix -437 -q <some_file_nm>

However it is going to else section, and my file still has ^M char!

Please help.
Please let me know if more info required.

Thanks, Saptarshi

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One more thing, what does "$#" and "$$" mean in perl?

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Old 06-30-2011
Originally Posted by saps19
One more thing, what does "$#" and "$$" mean in perl?
$$ is the PID of the running program, I think. It could also be a double array reference though that seems dodgy. $# means the length of the array.

Could you post your entire script? Or for that matter, what your actual goal is? There's probably a simpler way to do it than a perl script.

I never liked dos2unix. Almost nobody has it, and when they do it's liable to screw up.
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Old 06-30-2011
Hi Corona688,

Please find the below script:
# Convert file to Dos2UNIX
$sql  = "SELECT compare_1_command, compare_2_command ";
$sql .= "FROM vw_app_file_validation ";
$sql .= "WHERE source_file_id =  $g_source_file_id AND validation_type = 'DOS2UNIX'";
INFO ("Executing SQL =>". $sql);
my $dos2unix_cmds = app_get_data($sql);
if ( $#{$dos2unix_cmds} == 0 ) {
   my $convert_cmd = $$dos2unix_cmds[0][0];
   my $rename_cmd  = $$dos2unix_cmds[0][1];
  #Change to tmp Directory
   INFO ("Switch to tmp Directory => $g_tmp_dir");
   INFO ("Converting Dos File to UNIX => $convert_cmd");
   INFO ("Renaming File => $rename_cmd");
else {
   INFO ("No need to convert... Skipping this step");

Logfile shows:
validation_type = 'DOS2UNIX'] [[139]]
[2011/06/29 07:11:41] [INFO] [EXECUTING: SELECT compare_1_command, compare_2_command FROM vw_app_file_validation WHERE source_file_id =  21 AND validation_type = 'DOS2UNIX'] [[222]]
[2011/06/29 07:11:41] [INFO] [Execute succeeded] [[245]]
[2011/06/29 07:11:41] [INFO] [dos2unix_cmds-1] [[143]]
[2011/06/29 07:11:41] [INFO] [No need to convert... Skipping this step] [[162]]

The SQL SELECT query returns:
dos2unix -437 -q <some_file_nm>

However, the script is going to 'else' section as the logfile shows.
I still have ^M char in file.

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Old 06-30-2011
I think your $dos2unix_cmds needs to be a list, like @var, for $#var to return any sensible value. It will be 0 when var has 1 element, 1 when var has 2, etc.

If app_get_data doesn't return a list, you may need to turn it into one with

@dos2unix_cmds=split(/[ ]/, app_get_data($sql));
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Old 06-30-2011
can i use
if /usr/xpg4/bin/grep -qE [[:cntrl:]]

in perl?
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Old 06-30-2011
You can, if you wrap it in a system() call. like system("grep ...");

And its return value isn't boolean. It will return zero on success and some nonzero number on failure. So check for zero.
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Old 06-30-2011
I am just trying to learn perl script.. what i posted was already in PRD... could you please give me the area (with code) where i need to modify?

Warm Regards,
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