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Script to eliminate files .rlogin

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Old 06-24-2011
Script to eliminate files .rlogin

Hi guys, I'm try making to script for eliminate files rlogins.
for i in `cat /etc/passwd |awk -F: '{print $6}'`; do
    if test "$i" = "$path1"; then
    echo $i
    cd $i
         if [ -f .rhosts ]; then
               echo "$i/.rhosts detectado"|mail -s "rhosts" root
               rm -f $i/.rhosts

I want my script only check users with path in /home/*, but the symbol "*" is not working.

As I can do to make the command "test" compare the path "$ i" with a path / home / * (ie / home / all users)

Any suggestions?


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Old 06-24-2011
* doesn't work in quotes. Even if it did, that's probably not where you'd want to put it.

You also have several useless uses of cat and backticks.

You don't need to cd into each and every individual home directory either. And if you do, you should really cd back out after, or you won't be able to cd into anything else under /home/ after. If you're going to use awk, you might as well check for /home inside it too.

awk -v FS=':' '($6 ~ /^\/home/)' < /etc/passwd | 
while read USERNAME G G G G H G
        if [ -f "$H/.rhosts ]
                echo "$H/.rhosts detectado" | mail -s "rhosts" root
                rm -f "$H/.rhosts"

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Old 06-24-2011
*?[0-9] will not glob inside any sort of quotes (or if there is no compatible target, the globbing characters persist). test = does not glob BTW, [ is test is a shell builtin for more advanced shells.

Why not simplify:
for f in /home/*/.rhosts
 if [ "$f" = "/home/*/.rhosts" ]

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Old 06-24-2011
A parody of your script but using grep in a pipeline to select lines starting with /home/ . Using "while read" avoids the "for .... in open-ended-list" syntax which is notorious for generating command lines which are too long.

awk -F: '{print $6}' /etc/passwd | grep "^\/home\/" | while read home_dir
         if [ -f ${home_dir}/.rhosts ]; then
               echo "${home_dir}/.rhosts detectado"|mail -s "rhosts" root
               rm -f ${home_dir}/.rhosts

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Old 06-24-2011
Hey thanks!!!!


for H in /home/*
        if [ -f "$H/.rhosts" ];
                echo "$H/.rhosts detectado"|mail -s "rhosts" root
                rm -f $H/.rhosts

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Old 06-24-2011
.shosts for ssh has a similar layout, but I am not sure it does much, since for the good life you need to make and distribute keys, but you might just rename them .shosts or .rhosts_not_allowed.

As prevention, on all accounts, why not put a root owned file readable not writable at the original .rhosts name with a message inside.
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Old 06-24-2011
Permissions 600 and owner "root" are correct and preferred permissions for all ".rhosts" files.

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