Communication between different hosts through shell scripts.

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Old 06-20-2011
Communication between different hosts through shell scripts.

1) I have two scripts named as, running two different hosts host1 and host2
2) So now how to execute on host2 from on host1
3) Also I have few queries regarding the same as I want to execute few commands with sudo and with different user in script so how this can be achieved without user intervention ( I mean script should not ask for a password when we run this.)
Please provide any pointers to achieve this. Really it would be of immense help for me
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Old 06-20-2011
IMHO, best way, is to use SSH with keys. Pretty much all *ix has ssh nowadays. However if you have some really, really, really old hosts or some kind of *ix based appliance without ssh, you might be able to fall back to using rsh (not restricted shell but the remote shell, it's called remsh if done from HP-UX) and using .rhosts controls (which are insecure, so you may have to put an option on service start to fix that) to avoid having to use a password.

For ssh with keys, generate your local key (the platform making the calls) and append the public key portion into the remote user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (or sometimes it's authorized_keys2) file. Then you should be able to ssh (get a shell) from the local host to the remote host at the remote user without a password... you can run scripts and communicate back and forth through that as well.

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For the sudo side, look at the NOPASSWD option for commands that can be run.
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Old 10-19-2011
Thanks for your recommendations.
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