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Old 06-16-2011
awk help

Hey ,

I am trying to execute the below script

find $SOURCE_FOLDER -name 'RUL*.csv' | while read FILENAME ;
awk -F, 'NR==1{print "RULE_NAME",$0;next}{print FILENAME , $0}' OFS=","  < "$FILENAME" > "${FILENAME}.txt"

which is creating a column in header as RULE_NAME but after that the filename is populates as "-", where as my filename is RULE_TRAN_YYYYMMDDHHMISS.txt

if I am executing it on command line using the below script it is working fine

awk -F, 'NR==1{print "RULE_NAME",$0;next}{print FILENAME , $0}' OFS=","  infile

can any one tell me why the first script is inserting a "-" as file name

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Old 06-16-2011
Change your last line of code to
awk -F, 'NR==1{print "RULE_NAME",$0;next}{print FILENAME , $0}' OFS=","  <infile

and see to the result. When you use redirection awk reads from stdin, not from file. And when it reads from stdin FILENAME is setting to "-".
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Old 06-16-2011
[edit] Ahah! I did not know FILENAME was a special variable.
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Old 06-19-2011
Hi ,

I tried the below code removing the "<" from the filename, as below
find $SOURCE_FOLDER -name 'RUL*.csv' | while read FILENAME ;
awk -F, 'NR==1{print "RULE_NAME",$0;next}{print FILENAME , $0}' OFS=","   "$FILENAME" > "${FILENAME}.txt"

The filename is getting created with the filepath as below


how can I get only the filename as first column without the path?

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Old 06-19-2011
Assuming you're using ksh, bash, or similar shell, I'd do it this way as I believe it is most efficient:

awk -F, -v fn="${FILENAME##*/}" 'NR==1{print "RULE_NAME",$0;next}{print  fn, $0}' OFS=","   "$FILENAME" > "${FILENAME}.txt"

The ${FILENAME##*/} causes the shell, as it expands the variable on the command line, to remove all characters (##) from the beginning of the string through the last slant (*.). The result, is that the variable fn will contain only the basename of the file.

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