trouble executing a command in csh

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Old 06-16-2011
trouble executing a command in csh

Hi All!!

I am having trouble in executing the following command into a c-shell script.

mv "$file" "$(head -1 "$file")"

The funny thing is that the same command works perfectly from the command line, but when incorporated into a "foreach loop" of a c-shell script, it shows an error - Illegal Variable Name.

Could you please help??

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Old 06-16-2011
other than the standard suggestion that you should not use csh....

ls wibble
wibble: No such file or directory

% echo wibble>testfile
% set file = testfile
%  echo $file 

% mv "$file" "$(head -1 "$file")"
Variable syntax

s% mv "$file" "`head -1 "$file"`"
% ls wib*

What OS are you using...
And post a larger fragment of your code so we can see it in context..
What is the overall aim of your code; i.e. what is the full task you are trying to accomplish.

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