Can't get shell parameters to pass properly to sqlplus

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Old 06-15-2011
Data Can't get shell parameters to pass properly to sqlplus


The issue I'm having is that my Shell won't accept SQL parameters properly......

Here's they way I'm running it....

applmgr@ga006hds [/home/users/applmgr/CW_Merge_Project]
=>  sh apps <appspwd> <SID> '01-JAN' '31-MAR'

The process just hangs not submitting the SQL job...

export USAGE="USAGE: `basename $0` -e <DBUSER> <DBPASSWD> <TNSNAME> <FROM_DATE> <TO_DATE>"
if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then
echo ${USAGE}
exit 1;
perl -e '
use POSIX qw(strftime);
@time=gmtime(time -(4*3600)); #=> GMT -4
$day = strftime("%A",0,0,0,$time[3],$time[4],$time[5],-1,-1,-1);
print "$day\n"'                                                            
echo "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )"
if [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Monday" ]]; then
elif [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Tuesday" ]]; then
elif [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Wednesday" ]]; then
elif [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Thursday" ]]; then
elif [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Friday" ]]; then
elif [[ "$(dow `date "+%Y-%m-%d"` )" = "Saturday" ]]; then
sqlplus -s ${LL} @./RCV_SHIPMENT_HDR_LINE_PRE_OUTAGE.sql ${YEAR} ${PARAMS} > rcv_ship_hdr_line.log
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
echo "Deployments Complete"

When I call the *.sql script manually, from Sql prompt from server, I get the expected results.

Input truncated to 1 characters
Enter value for year: '2005'
old   2:   l_year varchar2(4):=&YEAR;
new   2:   l_year varchar2(4):='2005';
Enter value for start_day_month: '01-APR'
old   3:   l_start_day_month varchar2(10):=&START_DAY_MONTH;
new   3:   l_start_day_month varchar2(10):='01-APR';
Enter value for end_day_month: '30-JUN'
old   4:   l_end_day_month varchar2(10):=&END_DAY_MONTH;
new   4:   l_end_day_month varchar2(10):='30-JUN';
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Anyone have any advice on how I can get the Shell to run the *.sql properly?
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Old 06-15-2011
Hangs where?
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Old 06-15-2011
One thing springs to mind. When you ran the SQL from within SQL*Plus (@RCV_SHIPMENT....), you wound up, at the end, with:


(the SQL prompt, i.e. you're still inside SQL*Plus)

Perhaps you need to add an exit; to your SQL?


$ cat

echo Hello
sqlplus -s scott/tiger @SQL.sql
echo Good bye

$ cat SQL.sql
select 1 from dual;

$ ./


("hangs" - pressing Control-D, or typing exit would "fix" this!)

$ cat SQL.sql
select 1 from dual;

$ ./


Good bye

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Old 06-15-2011
Yes, I remember the "exit" being an issue with this once before. I'll give it a try and let you know.
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