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Old 06-13-2011
regex - start with a word but ignore that word

Hi Guys.

I guess I have a very basic query but stuck with it Smilie

I have a file in which I want to extract particular content. The content is between standard format like :
Verify stats
TEST Failed

Now I want to extract data between "Verify stats" & "TEST Failed" but do not want these two words in the output.
Can someone help with the regex expression to do that ?

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Old 06-13-2011
Try if this is working for you.
awk '!/(Verify stats|TEST Failed)/ { print $0 } '

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Old 06-13-2011
 awk '/TEST Failed/{flag=0}flag;/Verify stats/{flag=1}' inputFile

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Old 06-13-2011
Through sed..
sed -n '/Verify/,/TEST/{/Verify/d;/TEST/d;p}' inputfile > outfile

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Old 06-13-2011
# sed -n '/^Verify/,/^TEST/{;/TEST\|Verify/!p;}' file1

# awk '/^Verify/{next;getline txt};  $txt !~ /^TEST/ ' file1

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Old 06-13-2011
Originally Posted by ygemici
# awk '/^Verify/{next;getline txt};  $txt !~ /^TEST/ ' file1

This is not working if we have a further line exist in the file. i.e.after "TEST Failed" .
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Old 06-13-2011
Originally Posted by posix
This is not working if we have a further line exist in the file. i.e.after "TEST Failed" .
# awk '/^Verify/{next;getline txt};  $txt !~ /^TEST/ ; $txt ~ /^TEST/{exit}' infile

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