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Help with matching pattern inside a file

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Old 06-02-2011
Help with matching pattern inside a file

I have a huge file that has roughly 30304 lines. I need to extract specific info from that file. For example,
Box 1 > *aaaaaaaajjjj*
> hbbvjvj
> jdnnfddllll
> *dgdfhfekwjh*
Box 2 > *aaaaaaa'aj'jjj*
> dse hkjuejef bfdw
> dyeee
> dsewq
> *dgdfhfekwjh*
Box 3 > *aaaa"aaaaj"jjj*
> fuiurhir
Box 100 >  *aaaa"'aaaajjjj*
> hhdfwiiji

I hope you got the idea. I need to scan through the file and select the exact lines/rows that match my pattern and assign all these patterns to a specific Box and at the same time discarding everything that does not match my pattern.

Can someone help me out with this reqquest?

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Old 06-02-2011
What pattern you are looking in the test data you provided?

a simple "grep" will work for you.
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Old 06-03-2011
Sorry, I did a bad job explaining the issue. Let me try again:
I have a list of files, each one ending with (.log). For example

Within each file,I want to search for particular fields. However, I need the output data to be concatenated into one single file and at the same time I want to be able to know which data belongs to file1.log, file2.log and so forth.
I wrote this script:
cat *.log > log1
while read line
awk  'NR==2{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file1
awk  'NR==5{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file2
awk  'NR==54{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file3
awk  'NR==16{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file4
awk  'NR==37{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file5
awk  'NR==69{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file6
awk  'NR==100{print; exit}' log1 >> /home/usr/Folder/file7
cat file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 file6 file7 > file.cvs

and the output of the script is as follows:
HTML Code:
file1.log> I am okay today
file2.log> I am okay today
file3.log> I am okay today
file4.log> I am okay today
$ wow the weather is nice outside
$ wow the weather is bad outside
$ wow the weather is terrible
$ wow the weather sucks
I like to eat
go to the movies
play golf
read good books
$ Come back
$ Come back
$ Come back
$ Come back
unix is fun
what a mess
$ their history
$ their history
$ their history
$ their history
good job
job well done
Rather, I want the output to show the final data in the following format:

HTML Code:
file1.log> I am okay today
$ wow the weather is nice outside
$ I like to eat
$ Come back
$ unix is fun
$ their history
$ good job
file2.log> I am okay today
$ wow the weather is bad outside
$ go to the movies
$ Come back
$ what a mess
$ their history
$ excellent
file3.log> I am okay today
$ wow the weather is terrible
$ play golf
$ telecom
$ their history
$ fantastic
$ Come back

file4.log> I am okay today
$ wow the weather sucks
$ read good books
$ Come back
$ wireless
$ their history
$ job well done
I cannot quite figure out how to do that yet. Any help is appreciated.

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Old 06-03-2011
Can you please post a sample of data from file1.log , file2.log and the outcome you are expecting and based on what you are doing the search.I'm not able to get how the script you did is OK.RegardsRavi
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Old 06-03-2011
What are these fields you want to search for?
Are they located in a file?
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Old 06-03-2011
Yes, each file contains a number of lines from which I need to get the fields. All I want to do is to tell the script to go to each file and grab specific fields and print the result into one single file. But when printing the result, I need to be able to know which data belongs to what file.
Note: I did not mention that earlier, each file has one header inside that particular file that identifies it. For example, file1.log would have for example A that tells me this is file A when I look at the data; thus it would be be headed by A followed the fields; file2.log would be headed by B followed by the fields, file21.log would be headed by U followed by the fields.

I hope that helps.

It it does not, how do I move line around. Let's say that I have:
1) A> reading is fun
2) B> hair spray
3) C> travel abroad
4) A>the sky is blue
5) B> train station
6) C>cup of water
Assuming there are thousands of lines, how can I write a script that looks at the whole data and prints all the lines related to A consecutively and then prints everything from B consecutively and goes down the line until the end of the file.
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Old 06-03-2011
Ernst, you are still not clear on your requirements.

You are not making it any easy for the members to help you.

Please specify:
1) Sample of input data.
2) Sample of strings you want to search for in the input data.
3) Describe in plain English as much details as possible what you want to do.
4) Display the expected output based on the sample data.

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