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Help with matching pattern inside a file

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Old 06-03-2011
Ok let's make it work : go in ksh first!


Then retry with nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk (but not simple 'awk')

nawk -v N="$(( $(grep '>' yourinputfile | wc -l) ))" '{A[NR]=$0}END{for(i=0;++i<=N;){for(j=0;++j<=NR;)if(j%N==i%N) print A[j];print}}' yourinputfile

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Old 06-03-2011
It looks like the sample file is working. I will run my big file over the weekend to try to validate the results.

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Old 06-05-2011

Can you explain to me the structure of your code? I need to understand what the i's and the j's do. How does the system know which line to retrieve and where to place them in the file.

Once again, I appreciate the help.
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Old 06-06-2011
nawk -v N="$(( $(grep '>' yourinputfile wc -l) ))"count the number of lines having ">" in it and store it in an awk variable called "N"
'{A[NR]=$0}This put every line in the array A whose index is the line number 
END{once the whole file has populated the array 
for(i=0;++i<=NSmiliefor i taking the value from 1 to N (which in fact is the number of block) 
{for(j=0;++j<=NRSmiliescan the array 
if(j%N==i%N)if the line number modulo the number of block is equal to the block number currently scanned modulo the total block number 
print A[j]then print the corresponding element of the array (print the corresponding line) 
;print}}' print the empty line to separate blocks in the output. 
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Old 06-06-2011
Great! I need to take this one step further:
I have this input file
Danki1> Macha
ABC_0_1: (30226542)
ABC_1_1: (30258488)
ABC_2_1: (30285886)
Danki2> Macha
ABC_0_1: (30268440)
ABC_1_1: (39451707)
ABC_2_1: (30229064)
and I want to get this output
Danki1> Macha Value
ABC_0_1: 30226542 2374099.824
ABC_1_1: 30258488 4.90031E+15
ABC_2_1: 30285886 0
Danki2> Macha
ABC_0_1: 30268440 2377390.642
ABC_1_1: 39451707 6.38914E+15
ABC_2_1: 30229064 0
The formula to get the value Cloumn is as follows:
(((((Value inside the parenthesis) * (constant a=0.75))/(constant b=536454))*(constant c=53))) * (variable s= 40, or 60))
Of course the program needs to scan the file to look for a parenthesis. Everytime, it sees one, put that value into a different column, performs the calculation and prints the output.
I hope you get the idea.
You are appreciated.

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