Copying multiple csv files

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Copying multiple csv files

I have mutiple csv files at server1 at /apps/test/data.
I needed a script that would copy these csv files from server1 at /usr/data, put them in server2,archive the earlier files that were present in server2 before removing those already present.
Kindly help.
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Your requirement isn't clear from these statements. You have mentioned two source directories and it is confusing for us to understand what is needed.

please give us more detail.
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just for starting with these short information. All codes are not tested, please run it in your testing environment first.

log in server1
# backup
find  /apps/test/data -type f -name "*.csv" -exec tar uvf csv.bak.server1.tar {} \;
# scp the tar file to server2
scp csv.bak.server1.tar USERNAME@server2:/usr/data/csv.bak.server1.tar

login server2
#backup on server2.
find /usr/data -type f -name "*.csv" -exec tar uvf csv.bak.server2.tar {} \;
cd /usr/data
tar xvf csv.bak.server1.tar

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