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Script to send alert if any changes are made in crontab.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script to send alert if any changes are made in crontab.
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Script to send alert if any changes are made in crontab.

Hi i want to know how can i write a script to check if any changes are made and send an alert in crontabs . i am using .ksh file extension for writing scripts.
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maybe you could try something like this.
x=$(crontab -l >/tmp/crXc)
sleep 1800 #(wait for half-hour )
y=$(crontab -l >/tmp/crXy)
if [[ ! -z $(comm -3 $x $y) ]] ; then echo "crontab entry(s) is maybe changed .." ; 
echo -e "$(date "+%F %H:%M:%S") in\n --new crontab--\n`more $x` \n\nhalf an hour ago\n --old crontab--\n`more $y`"; fi
rm -f $x $y

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You could also run something like this as a root crontjob - it checks any cronttab files modified since it was last run and reports on them:

if [ -f $CKFILE ]
    find $CRONDIR -type f -newer $CKFILE | while read tabfile
       echo "Crontab file for user $(basename $tabfile) has changed" | mail -s "Crontab changed" $ALERT
touch $CKFILE

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Hi guys thanks for replying. Smilie
will try with thr scripts.

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