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sed is dead

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Old 05-26-2011
sed is dead

Hello everybody,
I'm new to bash scripting (and scripting in general) but I'm making decent progress in the hands-on solutions I need...
I've encountered a problem that seemed very simple to me at first, but had me going on for hours. Maybe you can help me.

Say I have an input text file like this...

SOL 0.031 7
SOL 0.032 8
SOL 0.033 8
SOL 0.034 8
SOL 0.035 9
SOL 0.036 9
SOL 0.037 9
SOL 0.038 10
SOL 0.040 10
SOL 0.041 11
SOL 0.042 11
SOL 0.043 11
I'm writing the coordinate of the second column into an array if the number in column 3 does not appear n times (thrice in my case) in the file.

if I echo out my array I get

I iterate through the array with a simple for loop like so...

for k in ${MOLARRAY[@]}
    sed -i -e '/"$k"/d' test2

I am trying to delete the lines that contain the values of my array in the text file test2 with sed. I've tried squeezing multiple ways of writing $k between the brackets but for some reason test2 is never edited.

any ideas?
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Old 05-26-2011
Nietzsche said that about god, not sed! Smilie

The variable is enclose by singe quotes so it will never be evaluated by the shell and sowith sed will never find a match - so no change to the file:
for k in ${MOLARRAY[@]}
    sed -i -e '/'${k}'/d' test2

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Old 05-26-2011
Thanks a bunch zaxxon

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