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Traverse file structure from top and rename the immediate parent

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Old 05-25-2011
Traverse file structure from top and rename the immediate parent

Hello All,

I am trying to write a script to:-

1. Traverse entire file system, look for directories which has .git directory in it
2. Rename the immediate parent directory to <orignal_name.git>
3. Traverse new file structure and look for all directories with <original_name>.git
4. cd to that directory and remove its contents
5. once everything inside the directory is deleted, create a file

Step 1:
- find * -type d -iname '.git'

Step 2:-
function rename_git_parent
for file in "$1"/*
cd .. | $(pwd) -exec mv '{}' '{}'.dir ';'
return 1

//i am not too sure if its the right way of doing it, or shall i use dirname..

How shall i go about step2 and ownwards...

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Old 05-25-2011
Something like this ?
find $PWD -name '.git' -type d | while read line
do echo "mv $line $(dirname $line).git"

You can apply similar to next actions executing rm $line/* and touch $line/file on find results with different working directory and other options.
Hope it helped since i didn't understand requirment so well Smilie
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Old 05-27-2011
Thanks for the pointer:-

After lot of drafts, this is the content of final script:-


This will find all directories named .git, and make sure their parent directories have names ending with .git:
find / -depth -type d -name .git -printf '%h\0' | while read -d "" old ; do
[ ! -d "$old" ] && continue
[ "$old" == "$new" ] && continue

if [ -e "$new" ]; then
echo "$new: Already exists" >&2
mv -vi "$old" "$new"
The -depth flag will tell find to descend first, so that all child directories are checked before a parent directory. The -printf '%h\0' option will output the parent directory name and a NUL separator (zero byte; the only thing you cannot have in pathnames). If using Bash, the -d "" option to the read builtin will read such NUL-separated pathnames; other shells won't support that.

(If you are not using Bash, use -printf "%h\n" | while read dir ; do instead. It'll bork if you have directories with a newline in their names, though.)

The first continue test checks if this directory has already been renamed something else. (I think it is impossible for that to happen, but it doesn't hurt to check.)
The second continue test checks if the directory already has an acceptable name.

If the new directory name is still available, the directory is renamed.

This will find empty all directories that have names ending in .git (but not just .git), and create file "file" in it:
find / -depth -type d -name '?*.git' -printf '%p\0' | while read -d "" dir ; do
find "$dir/" -depth -mindepth 1 -delete
touch "$dir/file"
The glob pattern ?*.git matches (anything not empty).git .

The inner find deletes everything in the directory, but not the directory itself (since minimum depth is 1). Although rm usually feels like the choice for this, it'd either delete the directory itself too, skip any files or subdirectories having a dot in the name, or throw an error about nonexistent files, depending on what you supply to it. If you delete and then recreate the directory, you'll lose any extended attributes. So, surprisingly, find is better for this.


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Just a quick doubt here:-

Now i would like to perform 1 more operation here:-

1. Traverse entire file structure and search for all the directories which has .git directory present in it...

2. In successful cases, go inside those directories and perform one operation:-
x = /home/myproject/mystuff/testing (some common path which will be used in all cases)
Objective:- <some command> $x/immediate_dir_name.git

I am expecting there will be 80-90 successful scenarios where the .git directory will be present inside the parent, now within each of those directories, i would like to perform some command on a common path ($x) followed by original_name_of_the_parent appended by .git

For ex:-
if there is a dir with name testing having .git, i would like to execute command inside testing directory
<some command> $x/testing.git

Will this work?? Is this the right way of doing it...
x = /home/myproject/mystuff/testing
find $PWD -name '.git' -type d | while read -d "" dir ; do
<some command> "$dir/ $x/$dir.git"

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