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how we can make shell script not to run

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how we can make shell script not to run
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how we can make shell script not to run

Hi,shell script is scheduled from maestro and we want mastero should not run shell script so can we edit the shell script so that it should run.ThanksPrakash
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comment out every line of code.
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Thanks for the suggestion but in my case they are 4000 line of code and I think there is alternative to do this just putting a one command starting of the script so that we can make the script not to run any idea what command is that command ?ThanksPrakash
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Adding an exit command at the top of the script will prevent execution of any of the code in the file.

However surely the correct thing to do would be stop calling the script Smilie
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Remove the executable bit from the file. Or temporarily remove the execution call from the scheduling software. Or if all of that isn't possible:
#!/bin/sh #or whatever
exit 0
# Rest of your script

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Thanks for the information something like this will work
exitVER="7.0"MyCMD=$0MyOpts=$*cd ${MyCMD%/*}

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Mod Comment Please correct that code by adding linebreaks in the correct places.

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Thanks it works Prakash

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