echo switches

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echo switches

Hello All,

I am writing an shell script but abruptly its not able to recognize switches in echo statement.


top -n 1 -b>ankit


time=`cat ankit|grep load|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f3`

load=`cat ankit|grep load|tr -s " "|cut -d "," -f4|cut -d ":" -f2`

mem=`cat ankit|grep Mem`

swp=`cat ankit|grep Swap`

echo "Machine Name: $host">>mcs

echo "Time when snapshot taken $time">>mcs

echo "\n\n current Load Average of the system is$load">>mcs

echo "\t\t Memory Utiliztion on the server">>mcs


cat mcs|mail -s "Top Usage Report"


Machine Name: zin33cde01
  Time when snapshot taken 16:18:45
  current Load Average of the system is 5.45 \t\t Memory Utiliztion on the server


like in the above output ist not parsing \t\t for tabing.


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try with `-e `
echo -e "\t\t Memory Utiliztion on the server">>mcs

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echo switches

Thanks for your reply.Can you please let me know why its not running without -e.

Can you also let me know how can i highlight important things using the script link bold or italics the text.


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Originally Posted by ajaincv
Thanks for your reply.Can you please let me know why its not running without -e.

Can you also let me know how can i highlight important things using the script link bold or italics the text.


backslahs is interpreted in \t \n \r with `-e`
-e     enable interpretation of backslash escapes

for other question you can look this page Smilie
Colorizing Scripts

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