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Old 05-18-2011
Sed special parsing

What is the shortest & right way to remove the string "[]" with a sed statement ?

echo 'whatever[]whatever' | sed ........

? Smilie
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Old 05-18-2011
Originally Posted by ctsgnb
What is the shortest & right way to remove the string "[]" with a sed statement ?

echo 'whatever[]whatever' | sed ........

? Smilie
Something like this?
sed 's/\[]//'

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Old 05-18-2011
Yup Smilie

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Now another question :

When entering the following command

# echo 'whatever[]whatever' | sed 's/[[]]//'

if we consider :
[ [ ] ]
1 2 3 4

1) Which pair of bracket will be interpreted first ?

a) 14 ?
b) 13 ?
c) 24 ?
d) 23 ?

2) Could you find or build an example that demonstrate this ?


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