finding the previous day date and creating a file with date

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Old 05-17-2011
MySQL finding the previous day date and creating a file with date

Hi guys,

I had a scenario...

1. I had to get the previous days date in yyyymmdd format
2. i had to create a file with Date inthe format yyyymmdd.txt format

both are different

thanks guys in advance..
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Old 05-17-2011
What's the output from the following command on your system:

date --version

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Old 05-17-2011
Capture previous days date in yyyymmdd format
previous_day=`TZ=GMT+24 date "+%Y%m%d"`

Create a file with Date in the format yyyymmdd.txt format

touch "$previous_day".txt

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Old 05-17-2011
Whatch out : the offset may differs depending on the timezone you are in. Have a look at

post #2 of


post #6 of


perl -e 'print scalar(localtime(time - 86400)), "\n"'

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