List content of item in the combobox

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List content of item in the combobox

I have a combo.cgi here. this is linux environment
What i am going to do is this combobox will list down all the flatfile name in this /u/test/cgi-bin/List directory.
after that, i wanted it to open the flatfile and display the content of the flatfile into another listbox or textarea in this page once the item is selected in the combobox.
Pls guide me here

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<html><head>";
print "</head><body>";

@testList = `ls -1 /u/test/cgi-bin/List`;

print "<select name=\"testDropList\">";
print "<option></option>";
$testName = $_; 
       print "<option value=\"$testName\">$testName</option>";
print "</select>";

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ttk::combobox(n)						 Tk Themed Widget						  ttk::combobox(n)


ttk::combobox - text field with popdown selection list SYNOPSIS
ttk::combobox pathName ?options? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
A ttk::combobox combines a text field with a pop-down list of values; the user may select the value of the text field from among the values in the list. STANDARD OPTIONS
-class -cursor -takefocus -style See the ttk_widget manual entry for details on the standard options. WIDGET-SPECIFIC OPTIONS [-exportselection exportSelection] Boolean value. If set, the widget selection is linked to the X selection. [-justify justify] Specifies how the text is aligned within the widget. Must be one of left, center, or right. [-height height] Specifies the height of the pop-down listbox, in rows. [-postcommand postCommand] A Tcl script to evaluate immediately before displaying the listbox. The -postcommand script may specify the -values to display. [-state state] One of normal, readonly, or disabled. In the readonly state, the value may not be edited directly, and the user can only select one of the -values from the dropdown list. In the normal state, the text field is directly editable. In the disabled state, no interaction is possible. [-textvariable textVariable] Specifies the name of a global variable whose value is linked to the widget value. Whenever the variable changes value the widget value is updated, and vice versa. [-values values] Specifies the list of values to display in the drop-down listbox. [-width width] Specifies an integer value indicating the desired width of the entry window, in average-size characters of the widget's font. WIDGET COMMAND
The following subcommands are possible for combobox widgets: pathName current ?newIndex? If newIndex is supplied, sets the combobox value to the element at position newIndex in the list of -values. Otherwise, returns the index of the current value in the list of -values or -1 if the current value does not appear in the list. pathName get Returns the current value of the combobox. pathName set value Sets the value of the combobox to value. The combobox widget also supports the following ttk::entry widget subcommands (see ttk::entry(n) for details): bbox delete icursor index insert selection xview The combobox widget also sup- ports the following generic ttk::widget widget subcommands (see ttk::widget(n) for details): cget config- ure identify instate state VIRTUAL EVENTS
The combobox widget generates a <<ComboboxSelected>> virtual event when the user selects an element from the list of values. If the selec- tion action unposts the listbox, this event is delivered after the listbox is unposted. SEE ALSO
ttk::widget(n), ttk::entry(n) KEYWORDS
choice, entry, list box, text box, widget Tk 8.5 ttk::combobox(n)

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