CD command not working in shell script

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CD command not working in shell script

Hello All,

I have tried many permutaion combinations in my shell script but cd command is not working in shell script.

Can any one help me out in this.

Below is my script.
set -x on
export BASE_DIR

but its not chnaging to /etc/init.d

Thanks & Regards


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# 2  
If you are executing this script and then checking pwd, of course it will not work.
When you execute the script, it spawns its own shell and changes the directory within that shell.
For proof, try this

set -x on
export BASE_DIR

# 3  
Hi Ahamed,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I have checked it & its working fine.

Can you let me know can i chnage director if i run my script from command prompt.


# 4  
Change your own shell's directory? No, you can't, only the script's.

To change your own directory either run cd yourself, or source the script, like . scriptname which will cause it to run it inside the current shell.
# 5  
BASE_DIR=/etc/init.d ; cd $BASE_DIR

and like as Corona688 said.
$ . script

# 6  

Its saying permission denied when runnig the script as . scriptname.

/_TOOLS_/wrap/bin/.: Permission denied.


# 7  
include set -x and execute once and paste the output
the same thing works for me fine. hope you have the permission and all set
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