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Timestamp copying giving file path and name as inputs

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Timestamp copying giving file path and name as inputs
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Old 05-02-2011
Bug Timestamp copying giving file path and name as inputs

THIS IS MY FIRST SCRIPT, HELP ME out if any ERRORS are present.

while [$a -eq 0] 

echo "ENTER path"
read path
if [ -e $path ] then
echo "path found"
cd $path

DateTimeStamp=$(date '+%d_%m_%y_%H_%M')
echo "enter file name"
read file
if [-e $file] then
echo "file exists"
cp ${path}/${file} ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp}
echo "file backup created using file name ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp}"

chmod 755 ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp} 
echo "file doesnot exist"
echo "path does not exist"

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Old 05-02-2011
  1. Please use code tags for code.
  2. Indent your code so it is readable.
I have indented and used the [highlight=shell] so that it is nicely coloured:
shell code:
  1. a=0;
  2. while [ $a -eq 0 ]     # Needs SPACE there
  3. do
  4.     echo "ENTER path"
  5.     read path
  6.     if [ -e $path ]; then    # You forgot a ';' here
  7.         echo "path found"
  8.         cd $path
  9.         DateTimeStamp=$(date '+%d_%m_%y_%H_%M')
  10.         echo "enter file name"
  11.         read file
  12.         if  [ -e $file ]; then    # here too ! and needs SPACE
  13.             echo "file exists"
  14.             cp ${path}/${file} ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp}
  15.             echo "file backup created using file name  
  16.             ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp}"
  17.             chmod 755 ${path}/${file}_bkp_${DateTimeStamp}
  18.         else
  19.             echo "file does not exist"
  20.             a=1    # no need of ';' here
  21.         fi
  22.     else
  23.         echo "path does not exist"
  24.         a=1    # no need of ';' here
  25.     fi
  26. done
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Old 05-03-2011
Thanks frans Smilie Smilie .... and thanks for explaining my mistakes Smilie

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