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Simple Script to Check running Process

shell scripts

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# 1  
Old 05-02-2011
Java Simple Script to Check running Process


CHECK='ps aux | grep start.jar | grep -v grep | wc -l'

if [ $CHECK = 0 ]
	/usr/local/jre-1.7.0/bin/java - jar start.jar &

Could anybody advise whats up with this code im trying to put this in as a cron job to check that solr search engine is running every 10secs and if its not start it. The script is giving me a error when i execute it.

'if' unmatched

Any advice would be great thanks!

# 2  
Old 05-02-2011
remove else and try
# 3  
Old 05-02-2011
Nope that threw another error?

check.sh[9]: [: aux: unexpected operator/operand

The previous error was where i tried to enter exit at the end rather than fi.

I have very limited scripting experience so im trying to get my head around why this wont work?

# 4  
Old 05-02-2011
"$CHECK = 0" is wrong . should be $CHECK -eq 0
# 5  
Old 05-02-2011
Changed that aswell but it doesn't like the last line "FI"

Same error as before..
# 6  
Old 05-02-2011
check this

CHECK='ps -aux | grep start.jar | grep -v grep | wc -l'
if [ $CHECK -eq 0 ]
/usr/local/jre-1.7.0/bin/java - jar start.jar &
# 7  
Old 05-02-2011
Copied and Pasted that straight in but its still throwing an

unexpected operator/operand

on line 6 this time which is again the "fi"
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