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ksh - for loop with variables

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ksh - for loop with variables


I 'm trying to send an e-mail for every different line in the .txt

for i in {1..$variable}
sed -n "/$i$/p" text.txt

I have two problems about this.
First one is that for loop doesn't work
and the second one is that i cant get the output of sed

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# 2  
while read myLine
  echo "this is my line->[${myLine}]"
done < text.txt

# 3  
for i in `seq 1 $variable`
 sed  -n ''$i',$p'  text.txt
 echo "send mail....."

# 4  
Try this...

for i in `cat test.txt`
#print the line in the file test.txt
echo $i
#send mail
echo $i | mailx -s "test subject"

# 5  
Thanks for the replies

for i in `cat text.txt` ...

seq didn't work in ksh Smilie

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