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perl package directories - what if the script is diff DIR to the one contain *.pm?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting perl package directories - what if the script is diff DIR to the one contain *.pm?
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Old 11-23-2004
perl package directories - what if the script is diff DIR to the one contain *.pm?

Hi there,

say the package is in the ~/ and it's ~/

I can use in ~/ (~/

Now, if I move it to ~/subDIR/, the script won't work because it's not in the same DIR with

How can i fix it?


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Old 11-23-2004
Two ways.

Just amend the include path at the top of your script, i.e. @INC


@INC = ('..', @INC);

Maybe to cause it to take effect early (before execution) by

	@INC = ('..', @INC);

which is essentially the same as the Perl pragma "use lib" :


use lib '..';

More information:

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