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csh shell script 'set' argument limit?

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csh shell script 'set' argument limit?

Hi ,

I have a script that is causing a problem that led me to think if there is a limit to the number of arguments for 'set' command in csh shell script.
Here is my script:
#!/bin/csh -f

set top = design_top
set v_mbist =  (  sim_mbist/*.v )
set v_simlist  = (      -v net/rtl/bridges/*.v \ 
			-v net/rtl/core/*.v \
			-v net/rtl/debug/*.v \
			-v net/rtl/memories/*.v \
		        ...#40 plus lines in between
 			-v net/design/lcd/rtl/*.v \
 			-v net/design/plcm_core/rtl/*.v )
set mem_list   = ( sim_mem/*.v )

I get past #1, but get this error in #2 above.
584 integration > ./run 
Too many ('s.
585 integration >

Greatly appreciate if you could suggest any solutions.

Thank you.
# 2  
I take any one of those 40+ *.v's can expand into a potentially unlimited number of arguments?

The solution to too many arguments is to not use too many arguments... Find some way to use a tool like find to iterate through them instead, saving to a temp file if necessary.
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Hi Corona688,

Thanks for the reply but those file list are used by multiple teams and need to be preserved. I cannot cat them just yet.
BTW if I use something like this:
set v_simlist  =  " netsrc/rtl/bridges/*.v   .......all 40+ files .... "

It seems to work though.


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