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AWK - Comparing/Matching/Counting with 2 files

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Old 03-30-2011
AWK - Comparing/Matching/Counting with 2 files

I have 2 files that I want to do some comparing on.

First, I want to find the unique list of devices in file1 and then put them to a new file, file2. I was able to do this without any problem with the following statement:
cat file1 | awk '{print $2}' | awk '!x[$0]++' > file2

Here is what I can't figure out how to do...I want to count every time each device listed in file2 (1st field) matches with a device in file1 (2nd field) AND the 5th field is a 0. Once I have this count which corresponds to each unique device, I want to put them into a new column in file2.

<timestamp> <device> <LBA> <size> <0 or 1>
302.984379 0 18289744 16 0
302.984515 1 33077888 16 0
302.992183 1 30383184 16 0
302.984379 0 18289744 16 0
302.984515 1 33077888 16 1
302.992183 1 30383184 16 0
302.999034 3 30920224 16 0
303.013796 2 21785824 16 0
303.017008 2 21996176 16 1
303.017494 5 20484048 16 0
303.018940 4 20599728 64 1
303.048797 2 10935056 64 0

<unique devices from file1>

<unique devices from file1> <# of times the device had a 0 in 5th col of file1>
0 2
1 3
2 2
3 1
4 0
5 1

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Old 03-30-2011
awk '{a[$2]}$NF=="0"{++b[$2]}END{for(i in a) print i,b[i]?b[i]:"0"|"sort -n"}' file

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Old 03-30-2011
That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

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