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Modulo calculation in shell script

shell scripts

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Old 03-21-2011
Modulo calculation in shell script

i am writing a progrm to print the even numbers and the code which i am following is as follows

echo "enter a number a"
read a
if [$a % 2 == 0]
  echo "the number is even"
  echo "the number is odd"

what is the mistake i am doing ...please tell me

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Old 03-21-2011
Can you try as below.
Note: Please use code tags [c ode] ... . . [/code] when posting codes,script,data etc
if [ $a%2 -eq 0 ]

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Old 03-21-2011
When you compare values in bash use the (-eq) thing with the integers, and the (==) if you have strings...
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Old 03-21-2011
Could be written (with arithmetic evaluation and array)
bash code:
  1. #!/usr/bin/bash
  2. parity=(even odd) # parity[0]='even' parity[1]='odd'
  3. read -p "enter a number: " a
  4. echo "the number is ${parity[$((a%2))]}
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fpmurphy (03-21-2011)
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