A complex sed statement

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Old 03-17-2011
A complex sed statement

I have following requirement.
Say, my text file contains following patterns

}}@0|@315000|78500|335000|99000|114000|87000|17|And the Sort|Ab Initio Software|Built-in|1|10|0||6||32769|1|{1|0|}}}

Now, here I have to search for $AB_COMPONENTS, and pick the word which is after 2nd forward slash ("/") and before the period("."), i.e is SORT here.And store it in a file.
After this we have to take out words between 8th and 9th "|" in the immediate line. i.e. "And the Sort" here. And store it in a file.
Likewise we have to search the complete file.

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Old 03-17-2011
Are the above posted lines are in count 2 or in a single line..? Also pls post the desired output format.
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Old 03-17-2011
There are two lines...

The output shoould be

And the sort
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Old 03-17-2011
try this,
 awk -F"|" '
{if(first==1){print $9;first=0;next}for(i=1;i<=NF;i++){
if ($i~/\$AB_COMPONENTS/) {
split($i,a,"/");print substr(a[3],1,(index(a[3],"."))-1);first=1;
}}}' inputfile

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Old 03-17-2011
Thanx a tonne Pravin27...really thanks...its working fine...but much complex to understand Smilie..thanks a lot..
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Old 03-17-2011
If the file contains blank lines between both lines:
awk -F"|" '/\$AB_COMPONENTS/{ print gensub(/.*\$AB_COMPONENTS\/.*\/(.*)\..*/,"\\1","");
getline; getline; print $9}' input
And the sort

If the file doesn't contain blank lines between lines:

awk -F"|" '/\$AB_COMPONENTS/{ print gensub(/.*\$AB_COMPONENTS\/.*\/(.*)\..*/,"\\1","");
getline; print $9}' input
And the sort

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Old 03-17-2011
Through sed.. looks complex though
sed '/AB_COMPONENTS/s/.*\/\(.*\)\.mpc.*/\1/;n;s/^[^|]*|[^|]*|[^|]*|[^|]*|[^|]*|[^|]*|[^|]*[^|]*|[^|]*|\([^|]*\)|.*/\1/' inputfile >outfile

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