Command to clear logs for every 6 hours in solaris

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Command to clear logs for every 6 hours in solaris

Hi Folks,

I need to remove log files for six hours on Solaris. before i used to do for every 24 hours below is the code for 1 day older log files, now i tried using -mmin +360 but it says command not found.
Can someone please help me out!!!

part of the code:
LOG_FILE=`find /home/Logdir -name "*.log" -mtime +1 -exec ls -lrt {} \; | awk '{print $9}'`
  rm ${FILE}

Thanks & Regards

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with GNU date:

touch -t `gdate -d "-6 hours" "+%Y%m%d%M%S"`  dummy
find /home/Logdir -type f -name "*.log" ! -newer dummy -ls

if you'd like to remove directly, no need for loop.

find /home/Logdir -type f -name "*.log" ! -newer dummy -exec rm {} \;

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