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IP address to decimal format conversion

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Old 03-15-2011
IP address to decimal format conversion

I have a file which consist of some class 4 IP address as

i want to store them in pure decimal notations instead of the given dotted decimal formats

e.g. for address
the equivalent binary would be

1010 1100. 0001 0000. 0111 0000. 0110 0100

and finally the required decimal number will be a equivalent of above binary representation excluding dots(.)

i.e final binary is
1010 1100 0001 0000 0111 0000 0110 0100

and its decimal equivalent is


which should be the output

Thanks in advance
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Old 03-15-2011
$ echo ""|awk -F '\\.' '{printf "%d\n", ($1 * 2^24) + ($2 * 2^16) + ($3 * 2^8) + $4}'

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Old 03-15-2011
You can also calculate the decimal equivalent of an IP4 address using shell bit arithmetic. For example

[[ $# != 1 ]] && {
   echo "Usage: $0 ipaddress"
   exit 1

typeset -a IParr=($1)

typeset -i2 ip1=${IParr[0]}
typeset -i2 ip2=${IParr[1]}
typeset -i2 ip3=${IParr[2]}
typeset -i2 ip4=${IParr[3]}

typeset -ui2 d=$(( (ip1 << 24) | (ip2 << 16) | (ip3 << 8) | ip4 ))

print "Inputted IP$ address: $((ip1)).$((ip2)).$((ip3)).$((ip4))"
print "   Binary equivalent: $d"
print "  Decimal equivalent: $((d))"

$ ./example
Inputted IP$ address:
   Binary equivalent: 2#10101100000100000111000001100100
  Decimal equivalent: 2886758500

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