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Old 10-29-2004
pass pid to kill using script

Hi there, i wonder if anyone can help

is there any way that i can write a script that will kill all current ftp processes, for example if ps -ef | grep ftp produces 3 active proceses, then I would like to somehow extract the PID for each one and pass that to kill -9

has anybody done this before that could give me some ideas

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Old 10-29-2004
Depending on your OS, etc, something like

for signal in "-15" "-1" "-9"
  pids=`ps -ef | grep ftp | awk '{print $2}'`
  kill $signal $pids 2> /dev/null

This tries to kill the process nicely first, then get's serious!

EDIT: If your OS has it, you could always use the "killall" command instead. Beware on HP-UX 10.20 - the killall command will do just that - kill all processes! On Linux, however, killall sends signals to processes by name.

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Old 10-29-2004

kill `ps -ef | grep "ftp" | tr -s " " | cut -d" " -f 3`
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