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Old 03-12-2011
Exception handling

Sometimes when I try to use curl to upload to an ftp server, I get the message:

$curl -T file.wmv ftp.eu.filesonic.com --user user:password

curl: (8) Got a 421 ftp-server response when 220 was expected

How do I get the script to try again if I get the message curl: (8)?
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Old 03-13-2011
How about the curl "retry" option?

curl returns an non-zero exit status when you get an error and a zero exit status when it works so to handle it in the shell, try...
while ! curl -T file.wmv ftp.eu.filesonic.com --user user:password
    sleep 1

The sleep's there just to stop it going off into a rapid loop! See the curl man page for a full list of error codes

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Old 03-13-2011
Pretty much the same as Jerry's solution, just in script form with some extra text and what not.

[~]$ cat help
upload ()
curl -T ${1} ftp.eu.filesonic.com --user user:password

  if [[ -z $1 ]];then
    echo "USAGE: $0 <file to upload>"
    exit 1

while true;do
  upload ${1}
    if [[ ${?} -ne 0 ]];then
      echo "$1 uploaded successfully"
      exit 0

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