command line arguments

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command line arguments


I want to create a command prompt, for example "prompt>", so my prompt need to handle commands, for example "prompt>cmd", so i want to know how to get arguments for my own commands cmd, i.e. default argc should contain arguments count and argv should point to the argument vector i.e, for example "prompt>cmd arg1 arg2" now argc should contain 2 n argv should point to arguments,,,so wats may be the solution for this????

thanks in advance for the solution Smilie
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Are you expecting the user to type the prompt> or do you want that to automatically appear on the screen? To have it automatically appear, review the PS1 parameter.
For your cmd - you will need to make that cmd into a script. The script would then handle your arguments.
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thanks Smilie
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A Unix shell repeatedly prints a prompt, waits for a command line on stdin, and then carries out some action, as directed by the contents of the command line.
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