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How to split a string with no delimiter

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How to split a string with no delimiter


I want to write a shell script that will split a string with no delimiter.
Basically the script will read a line from a file.

For example the line it read from the file contains:

These values are never the same but the length will always be 8.

How do i split this string into 4 sections of 2?

# 2  
perl -pe 's/(..)/\1 /g' file

# 3  
% fold -2 infile

# 4  
Bash, ksh93, ...
while read line

# 5  
Sorry forgot to say this will be a shell script

# 6  
But what shell?
# 7  
echo "99234523" |awk 'BEGIN{FIELDWIDTHS="2 2 2 2"}{print $1 RS $2 RS $3 RS $4}'

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