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Script template for inputting filenames and print results

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Old 02-25-2011
Originally Posted by loky27
I maybe pushing the boat out a little bit further, what should I put in the file if I wanted an option to use all the servers in the server list as well as currently inputting one server at a time.
This gives you a new menu item "All the above" (changes in green).

(( $# < 1 )) && {
    printf "usage: %s <file_name>\n" "${0##*/}"
    exit 1
_server_list=( server1 server2 )
function dossh
ssh "$1" "
   [ -f \"$_fn\" ] && 
      $_cmd $_fn ||
      printf \"error executing %s %s on %s\n\" \\
\"$_cmd\" \"$_fn\" \"$1\""
select s in "${_server_list[@]}" "All the above" "quit"; do
    if [[ -z "$s" ]]
        echo "Option $REPLY is invalid - Please select a number from 1 to $(( ${#_server_list[@]} + 2))"
      [[ "$s" = "quit" ]] && break
      if [[ "$s" == All* ]]
            for s in "${_server_list[@]}"
                dossh $s
      dossh $s

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Old 02-28-2011
Just tried it. Didn't realise that there would be whole lot more to be added. Pardon my lack of understanding.

Thanks, that worked a treat. Really appreciate everyone who has helped me out here.

Thank you.

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