FTP multiple files from multiple directories

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Old 02-22-2011
FTP multiple files from multiple directories

I have multiple files that starts as TRADE_LOG spread across multiple folders in the given structure..


when I do ftp uisng mput from the "." dir I am getting the below given error

mput ./*/*/TRADE*.gz

200 PORT command successful.
553 Could not determine cwdir: No such file or directory.

Any Idea how to resolve this?
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Old 02-22-2011
One way:
find . -name 'TRADE*.gz' > file.tmp
echo 'ftp -n <<EOF' > myscript.sh
echo 'open remotebox ' >> myscript.sh
echo 'USER username passwd' >> myscript.sh
echo 'verbose' >> myscript.sh
while read fname
   echo "  put $fname"
done < file.tmp >> myscript.sh
echo " bye" >> myscript.sh
echo "EOF" >> myscript.sh
chmod +x myscript.sh
./myscript.sh  > myscript.log

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