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Csh Programming Considered Harmful

Shell Programming and Scripting

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Old Unix and Linux 03-23-2011   -   Original Discussion by ilikecows
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I agree with you as you say. I do need to do floating point calculations and use relational operators on floating point numbers. Playing with bc or awk gets scripts a bit lengthy even to do simple things.

Originally Posted by LivinFree View Post
I like scripting in bash. It's close to POSIX, and a contender for ksh, which I haven't used a lot in the last few years, since I work almost exclusively on GNU/Linux kit.

My gripes about bash are a lack of floating-point arithmetic and a lack of ksh-style coprocesses (bash4 has a retarded coprocess implementation, IMNSHO). Other than that, it's grand, and available on a lot of platforms, if not already preinstalled.
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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2011   -   Original Discussion by ilikecows
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how to use foreach loop
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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2011   -   Original Discussion by ilikecows
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Originally Posted by HARJINDER SINGH View Post
how to use foreach loop


Use a real shell.
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