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rsync multiple directories into single directory on remote

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Old Unix and Linux 01-30-2011
wreckedred wreckedred is offline
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rsync multiple directories into single directory on remote

I would like to find and backup all *.mp4 files from /Pictures and its sub-directories and move them to a single directory on a remote. I can find and move the files but I don't want the directory structure...just the files to be placed in a single remote directory.

To find my files I use

rsync -r -a -v -e "ssh -l user" --delete --include '*/' --include  '*.mp4' --exclude '*' /home/drew/Pictures/ remoteserver:/Users/drew/mp4

but this creates all the subdirectories

I also tried

find ~/Pictures -name "*.mp4" -exec rsync -r -a -v -e "ssh -l user" --delete {} remote:/Users/drew/mp4 \;

This works but takes forever

Any suggestions?


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Old Unix and Linux 01-31-2011
DGPickett DGPickett is offline Forum Advisor  
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Since rsync wants to make matching directories, it might be good to give it multiple directories (a mirror), but then hard link the files to another single directory on the same device. A cron script could remove files no longer having 2 links and link new files (having only 1):

rm $( find common_dir -type f -links 1 )
ln $( find ... -type f -links 1 ) common_dir

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