How to load a hash with a file in Perl

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How to load a hash with a file in Perl

Hi to everybody.

I have a script in AWK with a revursive function, when I make the recursive call I'm loosing values in the local variables. So I'm trying to do the script in Perl, but I don't know Perl.

I want to load several hashes with the data in a pipe separated file. In AWK it looks like


And in Perl

open (arch, "<FuncXArch.txt.analisis2.fil") || die "No se puede abrir el archivo directorio de definicion de funciones";
while (<arch>){

close arch;

for ( ($k, $v) = each %sinLlamar ){
  print "Funcion sin llamar [$k]\n"

When I print the content in hash it just show two values and are the same value. Where is my mystake?

Thanks in advance.
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