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Old 01-28-2011
Parsing delimited file

I'll have a file with ever changing lengths depending on the report. Right now it is stored by : delimiter. My question is how do I parse through this b/c it will be changing lengths each time.


I want to take each one and place in newline for further work.

Output desired:



Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Old 01-28-2011
cat file | awk -F : '
{  for (i=1;i<=NF; i++) {
        print $i
   print ""

ksh, bash, dash, ...
cat file | while read line
        for fld in $line
                echo "$fld"

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Old 01-28-2011
How about:
sed -e 's/$/\n/g' -e 's/:/\n/g' infile

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Old 01-28-2011
Fantastic. Thank you both. I came up with another....

tr -s ':' '\n' < infile
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Old 01-28-2011
Originally Posted by mhuffs90171
tr -s ':' '\n' < infile
That doesnt seem to leave the double newline between records
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Old 01-29-2011
awk '$1=$1' FS=":" OFS="\n" ORS="\n\n" infile

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