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Remove extra characters and sum the columns

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Old 01-27-2011
Remove extra characters and sum the columns

I have data extracted like this:
A=%123% B=%456% C=%789%
A=%111% B=%222% C=%333%
A=%777% B=%888% C=%999%

Can someone please help me with a script to remove all the % signs and get the totals for A, B and C.
So output will be:

Thank you!

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Old 01-27-2011
Something like this,
awk -F"[=%]" '{a+=$3;b+=$6;c+=$9} END{printf "A="a"\nB="b"\nC="c"\n"}' infile

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Old 01-27-2011
Cool! Just what I'm looking for. Thank you for the quick response. Smilie

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