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Script to automatically enter a password

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Old 01-18-2011
Script to automatically enter a password

I need to retrieve thousands of lines of information from hundreds of nodes. Each node requires a passowrd in order to retrieve the information. Fortunately, the password is the same for each one of them. So I am trying to come up with a script that would allow me to include the password so I can query desired info from many nodes at once.
Let's say for example that I want to to list all the alarms on one node, I would write:
Please enter your password (the system would ask me to enter my password)
Let's say that the password is abc
Now if I want to get data for 20 nodes, I would write:
batch list ls (list is a file that contains the list of all the nodes I am interested in). 
Since the password is the same for all the nodes, how can I write a script that would automatically include my password so I can retrieve all the info at once? 
I hope this is clear enough.
Thank You

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fmt(1)							      General Commands Manual							    fmt(1)

fmt - format text SYNOPSIS
width] [file...] DESCRIPTION
The command is a simple text formatter that fills and joins lines to produce output lines of (up to) the number of characters specified in the width option. The default width is 72. concatenates the arguments. If none are given, formats text from the standard input. Blank lines are preserved in the output, as is the spacing between words. does not fill lines beginning with a period for compatibility with Nor does it fill lines starting with Indentation is preserved in the output and input lines with differing indentation are not joined (unless is used). can also be used as an in-line text filter for the command: reformats the text between the cursor location and the end of the paragraph. Options recognizes the following options: Crown margin mode. Preserve the indentation of the first two lines within a paragraph and align the left margin of each subsequent line with that of the second line. This is useful for tagged paragraphs. Split lines only. Do not join short lines to form longer ones. This prevents sample lines of code, and other such "formatted" text, from being unduly combined. Fill output lines to up to width columns. WARNINGS
The width option is acceptable for BSD compatibility, but it may go away in future releases. SEE ALSO
nroff(1), vi(1). fmt(1)

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